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I am campaigning to be your School Board Trustee: to be the voice of our community and an informed advocate for all parents. I want to ensure that our children and their needs always remain at the heart of the School Board's decisions. In particular, I will do my best toensure that:

  • the parents' concerns are reflected in the proceedings of the School Board and that our schools offer learning environments favorable to the educational and sociocultural development of our children;
  • the growing populations of our schools are handled in a harmonious and thoughtful manner that is favorable to our children;
  • the taxpayers' money is properly managed.





Marc Roy is a public relations professional who has been working on Parliament Hill for over 17 years. Over the course of this time, he has advised several Cabinet ministers in many different government departments. From 2004 to 2006, he served as Associate Director of Communications to the Prime Minister of Canada.

He has been an active member of Le Prélude’s and Gisèle Lalonde's parent committee for the past seven years. During this time, he has contributed to the success of many fundraising campaigns and has organized public events that have benefited the school and its students.

Marc has been married to his wife Stephanie for 19 years, and they have resided in Orleans for the past 14 years. They have three children: Juliette (grade 8), Daphné (grade 6) and Olivier (grade 2).



Being the voice of the community and an informed advocate for the parents in order to ensure that our children and their needs always remain at the heart of the School Board's decisions and see to it that our schools offer a learning environment that is favorable to the educational and sociocultural development of our children.

The partnership between our schools, the Board and the community is the main priority of the Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario (CEPEO). Despite the commitments that bind together these different parties, it is sometimes difficult as parents to convey our concerns to the Board, to share our point of view or to seek information regarding past decisions. Without proper dialogue or accessibility, there cannot be a real partnership.

Therefore, I commit to :

  • Make myself available to hear your concerns and raise them at the Board;
  • Consult you on a regular basis in order to get your opinions on matters discussed at the Board;
  • Think foremost as a parent when the time comes for decisions to be made;
  • Assist you and offer you advice on the steps to follow if you wish to make yourself heard by the Board or its other representatives;
  • Keep you regularly informed about decisions taken by the Board.

Ensuring that the growing populations of our schools are handled in a harmonious and thoughtful manner that is favourable to our children.

While aknowledging that the growth of our school population is essential for the vitality of education in French in Ontario, we also have to recognize that it poses a serious challenge to our schools and their infrastructures. The growth of school population can never be an end in itself and ultimately only makes sense if it contributes to improving the quality of the learning experience of our children. Growth achieved at the expense of the learning environment of students can only harm their educational and social development.

If elected, I promise to:

  • Develop policies and propose the appropriate allocation of funds to properly manage the challenges associated with the growing number of students in our schools;
  • Ensure that the school board works closely with the principals and parent committees to identify concrete measures that need to be taken to make school population growths efficient and to limit the associated negative impact on students. This includes having at the students' disposal the appropriate technical resources (i.e., computer hardware, projectors, interactive whiteboards, sporting equipment, scientific equipment, musical instruments and other such equipments for specialized courses);
  • Propose the development of a policy by the School Board that would ensure the safety of students in portables and would address their specific educational needs;
  • When appropriate, advocate for the permanent expansion of existing infrastructures.

Ensuring the taxpayers' money is properly managed.

Our schools depend on the money of the taxpayers, as well as the donations made by committed parents and various engaged members of the community. That money should not be taken for granted.

If elected as School Board Trustee I promise to propose that the Board:

  • Manages the funds provided with great rigour and transparency;
  • Establishes clear priorities directly based on the needs of our children and spends money only on matters directly conforming to those priorities;
  • Clarifies the obligations of the different partners (parents, schools, Board) regarding funding and spending and makes schools accountable for their obligations;
  • Provides schools with specific guidelines on the additional financial contributions required from parents;
  • Is held accountable to the taxpayers for the spending of its funds.





Elections for School Board Trustees are managed by the City of Ottawa Elections Office ( On October 27th, when you present yourself at your designated polling location, you will be provided with a ballot asking you to identify the following:

  1. Your choice for Mayor of the City of Ottawa
  2. Your choice for Municipal Councillor in your ward
  3. Your choice for School Board Trustee in the School Board you are registered under

As there are four School Boards in Ottawa, residents are required to identify which Board they wish to be registered with when they pay their property taxes. Residents can only vote for one Trustee in the School Board which they are registered with.

Questions and Answers


How do I know what School Board I am registered with?


There are three ways to check:

  1. Check your property tax bill
  2. Call the City of Ottawa at 613-580-2660
  3. Send me an email with your full name and address and I will check the paper copy of the voters list provided to me by the City of Ottawa as an official candidate (


My children are enrolled in a School that is part of the Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario, does that mean that I am automatically registered as voter for that School Board?


No. The City of Ottawa does not cross reference enrolments with their voters list. It is possible that your children attend a school in a certain School Board but that you will be asked to vote for a Trustee in a different board.


How do I change my school Board designation in time to vote for a Trustee in the Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario on election day.


Download this form:

and present it to the elections officials on voting day. They will correct their records immediately and allow you to vote in the School Board you requested.





Don't hesitate to contact me!

You could reach me at:

Marc Roy

Tel: 613-824-9200





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